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For those that haven't already seen it, Facebook users should begin to see a popup regarding their Facebook privacy settings titled Privacy Check-up.

Please take the time to use this tool and check how your posts are displayed and to whom they are displayed.

The check-up consists of three steps:

  • Step 1 allows you to change who will see any future posts. You can set this to public (where anyone, and I mean anyone, can see your posts), friends (only your friends can see your posts, only me (your posts will only be visible to yourself) or you can set it to a custom audience.
  • Step 2 shows the apps that you have connected to your Facebook account. Do you remember that app you downloaded a couple of years ago and used Facebook log on to it? No? Well that app is still connected to your Facebook account and can still have access to some of your information. It's amazing how many there can be.
  • Step 3 allows you to review some of the information on your profile and who you are sharing it with such as your email address and mobile number.

All of these can be changed again if you wish by heading to the Facebook Settings section.

Privacy Check-up

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