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Chrestos is a set of easy-to-use online computer tools, designed for Methodist circuits. With Chrestos, circuits can move to cloud computing, which allows data to be stored efficiently and accessed easily.


Advising ThenMedia on Chrestos is Rev'd Andrew Gunstone, a Methodist minister with over 30 years experience. Having been both a Superintendent and Synod Secretary, Andrew is well acquainted with Methodist administration. He works closely with ThenMedia providing support for circuits using Chrestos.

core features

  • circuit database — store contacts securely, group / export / print labels
  • email centre — manage a shared inbox, send bulk messages quickly and easily
  • planning system — manage preacher availability and the planning grid online
  • website manager — create pages, add photos and videos, run a circuit blog
  • social networks — manage your circuit Facebook & Twitter with a couple of clicks
  • unix reliability — UK based servers running secure rock-solid linux software

For more information about Chrestos please call: 0845 862 0994, or email

demonstration circuit

The best way to discover how Chrestos can benefit your circuit is to try it for yourself. With this in mind, we created 'Dappleshire', a fictitious circuit with a full set of members, churches, plans and documents. For your demonstration, call 0845 862 0994 and we will give you a password allowing you access to Dappleshire. Dappleshire has a fully functioning circuit website, designed to demonstrate the sort of website you can easily manage using Chrestos:

View our demo circuit website

planmaking video

Chrestos Pla

One of the most powerful features of Chrestos is the integrated planning tool. In this short video, Andrew Gunstone takes you through the process from beginning to end. The planning tool allows a circuit to create planning periods, preachers to set their own availability, and a plan administrator to create a digital planning grid.

The entire process runs online through our intuitive interface. There is no need for specialist software, and the systems guides you through the various stages with built in error checking and helpful indicators. Once the plan is complete you can export it as either a prebuilt PDF, or an editable spreadsheet.


Click on the screenshots below to see Chrestos in action. A short description is provided with each image. If you purchase a circuit website from ThenMedia, Chrestos will be styled to match the colour scheme of your website.

Chrestos: The home screen
Chrestos: Circuit contacts
Chrestos: Circuit members
Chrestos: Churches
Chrestos: Availability
Chrestos: Planning
Chrestos: Detailed planning
Chrestos: Export the plan
Chrestos: Library
Chrestos: Email centre
Chrestos: Calendar
Chrestos: Manage a website
Chrestos: Videos
Chrestos: Messaging
Chrestos: Complete control

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