Long gone are the days when you simply put up a website and waited for visitors. Anyone creating a website today should be astonished if their new site got noticed by search engines for weeks, let alone ranked high in search results.

Staking a claim in cyberspace may seem like an impossible task, but there is hope. ThenMedia can quietly boast some serious success in pushing pages high up the search engine tree with plenty of first page listings and even coveted number one positions for our customers.

Many important things can be done and, just as importantly, serious pitfalls can be avoided, to give your site a fighting chance of beating the competition to that sought-after number one spot in Google and Bing.

ThenMedia Active Optimisation is a means of promoting and distributing your content, to get maximum exposure for your website. ThenMedia has access to search engine data which list popular words and phrases being searched for by your potential customers.

ThenMedia will produce a monthly report detailing promotional work carried out on your site, and allowing you to monitor your position in the most popular search engines (Google & Bing). The report can be accessed at any time using CentrePointCMS our content management system.

Free research

ThenMedia has access to numerous search engine databases. We can provide you with accurate data detailing the number of people searching for your products or services. If you have an existing ThenMedia website we are happy to provide you with our keyphrase research for free.

To discuss how we would help you promote your website including the use of modern social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, please contact Tobias Newman: tobias.newman@thenmedia.co.uk

A list of all the SEO services we provide are included in our downloadable PDF document. Click the link on the bottom right of this page.


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